About Us

Petrosazeh Shahbaz Arak company was recorded with number 3966 and the name of Polymergostar Arak on Mordad 1380 , in Arak , and initiated it’s activity in the field of tanks and various structures production with the establishment permit 102/13368 . On Farvardin 1385, it obtained the utilization permit with number 102/1287 from mines and industries organization of the province. Simultaneously , this company purchased a 5400 square metres piece of land situated in Arkangas street located in kilometer 12 of Tehran road and prepared the preliminary requirements to construct it’s product work place.
Since this company is situated in industrial area of Arak , it has been able to use existing capabilities and human resources in this city efficiently and contract with important and large companies such as Bargh Bakhtar  and Pars Energy Economic Specific Area after a short time.
Now this company has increased it’s ability regarding to the work place equipment and human resources employment ; hence, it is ready to sign and perform significant and important contracts.